Friday, July 13, 2007


Yards are overrated. I came from a place in Colorado that was mostly farms. No fenced in yard. I just ran around everywhere. But I didn’t have a home then. When I was put into a shelter, they had a little fenced yard. Not bad, but I didn’t get to use it much. Then I got my home.

My house has no yard. It has a balcony that feels like sidewalk and has too much stuff on it. But we walk down the garbage ally to the park. That’s where I meet lots of dogs.

I can look over the fence at three dogs in the yard next door. They don’t go anywhere. I never see them on the street or at the park, but I hear them barking. In the alley, two dogs bark and growl and leap up to the top of the fence in their yard. I see their noses sometimes and I wish I could take them to the park. These are some neurotic dogs.

I have no yard. I walk around Denver meeting other dogs and looking for things to pee on and to eat. If I was stuck on my balcony, I’d be neurotic too.

My pal Pica has both. A great yard with bones and toys. I visit and we run around with no worries. And she gets lots of walks to find chicken bones and chase squirrels.

I guess if I had to chose, no yard is better than a jail yard. My owners have to take me for a walk. They’re kind of lazy so a yard might not be the best option for me.


Dobby said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting me. I live near Denver, too! I have a yard that I like but I also really enjoy going to the Bark Park. I am adding you to my Blogroll.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor.
There is no yard for me either! We only have a small patio at my house. My mom takes me for walkies around our neighborhood. And I enjoy them a lot!
Have a nice day

Deefor said...

I think there's more good smells and food on the streets. In Denver anyway. I like my walkies. And I like to go to Cherry Creek Dog Park. Good mud.


Ume said...

hi Deefor,
i found u thru's Lorenza's blog. i'm most happee to meet u!
there's no yard in my house either. my hooman has to bring me to the nearby park for walkies.

Deefor said...

Hi Ume
Parks are good places. The beach looks nice.