Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recipe: Eggs Deefor

Our own bearded Martha Stewart will show you how to prepare this delicacy.

It starts out as breakfast for the humans.

Mix up what the humans don't eat. Mmmmm. Sausage!

Add kibble to the leftovers.


Make sure you're not giving more to Arrow!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview

Arrow complains a lot about not being on MY blog very much. Here's his chance. I interviewed him:

Deefor: Why are you such a pain in the butt?

Arrow: I'm just not a sleep-my-life away type doggy. I need a little fun. I get antsy.

Deefor: What's with the barking?

Arrow: I bark for a reason. When I want more treats in the ball. When I want my bone back. When I want someone to get the treat ball out from under the couch. When I want some more treats in the ball. When I want the humans to go up to bed so I can too. When I want more treats in the ball----

Deefor: I get the picture. You sure have them trained. How do you do it?

Arrow: Two ways. First I use my cuteness. Not every doggy could get away with it. Second I don't do stuff without treats. It's called no free sits in human training terms. I even get a treat when I poop outside.

Deefor: True. I get a lot more treats since you moved in. What about the peeing on the rug?

Arrow: This is a very negative interview. Some things are personal. I thought you were going to be pawfessional.

Deefor: OK. OK. What's your favorite toy?

Arrow: I love my sqeaky bird. I can hold the whole thing in my mouth. Then it gets crazy squeaking. You can throw it like a ball too. Next to that-- the toilet paper. It doesn't squeak but it makes cool noises when you beat it up.

Deefor: Favorite chew?

Arrow: Hard question. I like the cowboy boots a lot. But now they're always on top of the closet. They sprayed sour stuff on the magazine rack. What's left of it! I guess it's whichever bone you have.

Deefor: Favorite treats?

Arrow: Whatever is stuffed in one of my treat balls. And hot dogs for poop treats.

Deefor: Thanks for sharing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paw It Forward! From Mango!

We found a present on our deck! From Mango! His picture was on it! And a great card!

Arrow smelled treats!

He sent us antlers! We always see deer. I always wanted to taste the horns! Very good.

I like to take my favorite stuff (and Arrow's too) to my stash upstairs.

Some of our favorite fishy treats. The smelly ones are the best.

Toys! A very squeaky lamb and a new blue cuz! I counted the sheep and got sleepy.

He doubles as a pillow!

Thanks again Mango! If you want to Paw it Forward email me with your snail mail address at and I'll send you a surprise. When you tell about it on your blog, ask for doggies who want to play and paw it forward.

(Arrow says thanks too. I'm sharing)