Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dog's Eye View of Georgetown

This is Georgetown. It’s not far from Denver. There aren’t big streets so I ran around everywhere. The road. The store. Now they keep me on the leash.

The park is very nice. Like a little town for dogs.

But they don’t like me peeing on the kids’ stuff.

This is what I want for Christmas. I’m not fussy. Any kind will do.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


No Internet for days. But lots of food. Falling on the floor while they are cooking. Leftover turkey now. I think they are getting sick of it. Every day there is more turkey mixed in my kibble.

I like to climb up for smooches so I can get a better view of the table.

Arrow was here in the mountains for 2 nights! No messing. No chewing. Occasionally he’d walk by with a sock in his mouth just for attention. He likes it there. Wild smells. Wild sounds. Things to bark about in the night. Our neighbor said he didn't hear him. But my owner mom did-- so she took him to Cody’s.

Without him I lay around. Sleep. Get petted and spoiled without the equality factor. With him I run around. We have a race track. Around the chair in the living room. Down the hall. In and out of the closet doors.

We play the chew game. I take his chew and smile at him. He barks at me. To shut him up, a human takes the chew and gives it to him. He sits on the couch with it. After a few minutes, he casually lets it fall on my head. And then the game begins again.

Rules of the game:
1. No matter how many bones or chews are in the house, we have to have the same one.
2. Whoever has the bone, has to tease the other one.

That means no taking the bone into another room and peacefully enjoying it.

Without Arrow, I slept a lot. So did everyone else.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Arrow Barks

Deefor is off snowboarding with the bearded one and I’ve got the computer! HA!

Deefor’s plan to stay away from doggie stuff from China was really stupid. Everything fun in the big box pet store was from there. All I know is I’m bored.

My owner mom bought us this toy. It’s supposed to clean and floss our teeth. Fun, huh? Give me some horse poop to roll in or a bloody bone. I floss my teeth with mom’s knitting.

We are too dumb for this other toy. It’s like a Rubik’s Cube for dogs. Next thing they’ll be giving us the New York Times Crossword Puzzle.

My new favorite is Lambie. I play squeaky songs on it. I’ve eaten all my old favorites, mom’s leather shoes. Except for her cowgirl boots. She thinks she hid them and can’t find them. Maybe I hid them! HA! HA! Enough rawhide for a lifetime. Kind of silly looking too. But what do I know about shoes?

This toy is the bomb! But hard to get. I am not sure what the humans save it for.

And the jerky! Sooo good. Deef sat under the bed with his, growling. Then my mom took it away and hid it in the kitchen somewhere. I'm still looking for it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Out of Work

My career has ended. I worked all last week with the bearded one. I played with the other working dogs. Made sure all the humans did their work.

Arrow stayed home. He was a little sad to see me go.

He spent quiet days at home alone, waiting for me.

On Friday a big dog came to work. I didn’t like him. He didn’t like me. We had a fight and he bit me! Hard. Blood. Fur. I was crying and shaking. Now I understand why my owner mom doesn’t like when I bite her. (I only do it when she is brushing me or stepping on painful parts of me. Oh, and when I find a chicken bone on the street and....) But I never bite hard like that dog.

They should fire him. But he has seniority. Now I am again among the unemployed. Laying around the house again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dog Park Shame

Embarrassed at the doggie park. I get in a fight (sort of) and Arrow runs free as a bird.

My owner mom drags me around by the leash and he laughs. Show-off.

Arrow is the social director. He smells all the tails, big and small.

He likes everyone. I am just a more discriminating.

He has a blast while they yank me sideways as if I am a rabid pit bull (No offense intended to the pit bull reading this. Some of my best friends are pit bulls.)

But I don’t throw up in the car and do gross things on the rug.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

It’s true. I can be nippy and nasty. But not all the time. Only when I meet certain dogs. Or if I get stepped on in the house. Last time we were at the dog park, they put ME on the leash (just because I tried to show this grumpy brown dog who was boss) and Arrow was the good one! Running around playing! Not running away!

My owner mom thinks I have no social skills!? I just miss running around with my friends at Cheesman Park, but she can’t afford another ticket form the dog officer. Cheaper than doggie daycare. The bearded one is taking me to the daily doggie mixer at his work. I only growled at them when I was the bodyguard of his chair. Otherwise I was good.

Today the bearded one took me to work again. Most of dogs who work with him are pretty big. I tried to tell one off, but he just ignored me. Then we got along OK. I followed my bearded owner around, making sure he did his job. He really needs a helper. I’m not sure about the pay.

Arrow had to stay home. He’s too immature.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Camouflaged in the Rockies

When I go up to the mountains on weekends, I am in camo. Especially when there is a little snow. I am the color of the sandy roads and rocks. I have to stay on a leash because a passing truck would never see me. This is probably where my ancestors lived as wild dogs. Sneaking up on strange critters.

Georgetown, Colorado. My owner mom says it’s like Northern Exposure, in a good way. Maybe Northern Exposure is like Georgetown. But not as cold.

The first time they left me alone to go skiing and riding, I ate a big section of the wood around the door. I wanted to chew my way out. Finally I gave up and cried myself to sleep. They just stuck me alone in a strange room. After that, they put duct tape around the door. Tasted kind of gummy and sticky.

They come home all happy and hungry. I still can’t believe the stuff I get to eat. At first it was a pig’s ear every Saturday, but hey, that gets old. It was pretty old when they gave it to me! Now the bearded one gets out the best human food and shares. He knows which brand of cheddar cheese I prefer. He drops little pieces of whatever they're eating. I think they ski in a supermarket.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Canine-sumer Reports

When dogs got sick and some died from dog food with stuff from China in it, I wondered what all the doggies IN China were eating. I did some research. Many dogs in China have it bad. Some were being used for fur coats. Some were being eaten by humans. Many were killed in terrible ways. It’s too awful to talk about. I was sad. Then I got mad.

I don’t want to have doggie stuff from a country that treats my brothers and sisters like that. Besides, when you have a yellow bowl full of water, it feels like you're drinking pee.

I found some things I like that are NOT from China:

My best leash. Lupine Collars and Leashes in New Hampshire made it and guarantees to replace it if it gets chewed up. I have my own Canine-sumer laboratory. Arrow is the main tester. He has never chewed through these leashes. (Not that he hasn’t tried.) Also they are cute.

These are Zuke’s treats from Colorado. Salmon is my fave. Very yummy and smelly.

My doggie bed, made in Montana by West Paw Designs.

It doubles as a yoga mat!

Treatco Premium Savory Steak Biscuits. So delicious that humans are jealous!

I like my Kong filled with peanut butter or chewy treats. Love my two Cuz-es. (One is missing.) And giant smoked chews from Texas.

If you have good stuff that is not from a place that hurts doggies—tell us.
(p.s. I'd like to thank Arrow for modeling. He has been over-compensated in treats.)