Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

A few days ago Arrow and me were playing tug-o-war with a sock. Suddenly we saw a tooth on the rug. We stopped and stared at it. I didn’t think socks had teeth.

It was mine. My owner mom took me and the tooth to the vet. The vet said it broke off and that the rest of my teeth are fine and clean.

The vet gave it back to my mom and said I could put it under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy. My mom liked that idea and said, "Deefor can write about it in his blog." (Then the vet looked at her like she was crazy.)

But I liked the idea too. I put the tooth under my special pillow and went to sleep.

I think I heard something when I was falling asleep. Was it the Tooth Fairy?

In the morning, the tooth was gone and the Tooth Fairy had left me Arrow’s squeaky bird and a treat. Strange.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am so honored. Two awards. Thank you Candi for the beautiful Good Friend award.

And thank you Joe Stains for the prestigious Stain Award. Arrow had to pee a lot to earn it. Maybe you guys are related.

Arrow, basking in the sun. Wondering where he will pee next...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blabbermouth Breeds

Humans are always wondering what kind of dog to bring home. Dogs that like to play with tennis balls or dogs that are couch potatoes. Shaggy ones. Big ones. Tiny ones. But what about blogging dogs? If you want a breed who likes to blog, read on.

I admit it. I like to write stuff on my blog. I like to bark about myself. I like to read about other doggies all over the world. And lots of doggies who are not in this post do too. Don't feel bad if I left you out. You might be blogging the way for many others.

But when I looked at the Dogs With Blogs web page, certain breeds of us really like to blog. So if your human really wants a blogging dog check them out.

Certain terriers really like to blog. There are 35 Airedales listed. Airedales all have a lot to say and have a good sense of humor and silliness.

Boston Terriers have a lot to blog about too. Some are pretty hilarious and a little bitchy—in the dog sense that is. That's Joe Stains who is seriously funny. And below is Punk Rock Dogg Murphy's floating head. Cool.

No shortage of chatty Wire Fox Terriers either. That's Asta who blogs about good stories and adventures.

Blogging Boxers abound. They seem pretty practical. Even the fancy ones.

I counted about 33 Golden Retrievers with blogs. Like the talented and beautiful Amber-Mae up there. About the same amount of pugs. And tons of Labs.

Surprising 50 or more Siberian Huskies find time to blog. I thought they were too busy pulling sleds around and stuff. That's Sitka with some toilet paper.

And Turbo, a husky doggie candidates.

Many cross breeds can’t shut up. I’m not really sure what I am so I relate to lots of categories. Some pretty darn talented. Like Pacco the great agility Mongrel.

I didn’t see many Silky Terriers—Arrow might be one of those. Their owners are too busy going crazy to find time to let them blog. Although this one, Rusty, seemed very sweet. No relation to Arrow.

I'll have to continue this. Watch for Part 2. Too many doggies, so little time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Does Arrow Pee in the House?

Does Arrow pee in the house? Doggie Bloggers want to know. If you ask him, he just shrugs and says, "Who me?"

Don’t let Martha Stewart read this. She’ll arrest us. Arrow is disgusting.

He pees outside cause we go for lots of walkies. But sometimes he likes to pee in the house. He’s been pretty good—maybe 95%-- about pooping outside since we get hamburger for pooping.

Arrow likes his privacy so he goes upstairs to pee when we’re downstairs. He peed a lot on the carpet at the top of the stairs. My mom cleaned it and put a cheap orange rug on top of the carper.
She tried newspapers on top of the orange rug. And pee pads. But Arrow won’t pee on them.

He likes the orange rug better.

He thinks they're tasty and comfortable. I think he needs the diaper.

Today she cleaned the orange rug and put lots of pads in the hall. He didn’t pee on them. Where did he pee? On the rug next to the pads. She’ll put them under the orange rug to protect the carper.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Out

Today my owner mom put Arrow in doggie daycare and took me with her. I used to always go places with her BA (before Arrow). We went got the snow tires changed and stopped at her work.

We stopped for a chai tea and I got the crumbs from her coffee cake. Then we rented a storage place. Pardon my tail.

We took a long walk. I saw horses and a funny house. I was good. Didn't bark or go to close.
I saw an old school house and a playground. I ran around in a field. On the way home we stopped in Petco.

All the pictures on stuff for dogs who pee in the house (diapers, pads, cleaning stuff) looked a lot like Arrow! Maybe he can be a pee pee model.

At home I just relaxed and slept a lot. When he came home Arrow was tired too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been very bad about blogging and visiting my furry friends' blogs. Between the computer going to the computer hospital and a thing my owner mom calls work, it’s too many days.

We missed International Stuffie Day. But it made me think of all the stuffies in our house. Arrow mostly plays with them now. I have to guard all the chews and bones. And sleep a lot.

Arrow’s new ones are a teddy bear and a chickie. He pulled off the nose on the bear so it is a little leaky now.

Arrow likes to push them off the chair-- one at a time.

See how scared they look. They know they’re next. Arrow calls it suicide but don’t believe it.

His favorite lamby went into surgery. Here he is in pre-op. Stop reading here if you’re squeamish.

He got a squeaker transplant.

He was fine after and felt no pain. Now he’s squeakier than ever. Can't shut up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

I can’t be wordless. There is too much to say.

My owner mom broke her computer and they were fixing it for almost a week!! And she worries when I use it! Ha!

We went to a few doggie parks. One has a fence and isn’t too big. I met a havanese. He was very well groomed compared to moi. (Once a breeder said I was a havanese, but who knows.)

We went to the big doggie park with water. Arrow was good for a while. Roaching in the grass.

Getting a drink.

We played.

And ran around.

We met other dogs. One looked like Arrow but was normal. He's hiding from Arrow.

I relaxed for some pets.

Then Arrow was very bad when he saw the horses. He went under the fence and started eating horse poop. The horses didn't mind. Guess he didn't read the sign.

My mom kept calling him but he didn't even look at us. Finally someone went by with lots of dogs. Arrow had to check them out. My mom grabbed him. He gets carsick sometimes so he rides in a crate. Thank dog because that was a really yucky carsick experience.

I nominate him for Grossest Doggie of the Year.