Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kibble Helper

It's time to eat. We're ready. I think my breakfast is more important than your chai tea.

It's with a tear and a smile that I remember Joe Stains and celebrate his amazing life with hamburger. Sorry Joe, Arrow can't have cheese (guess why-- it has to do with poop) and my humans have this sick idea of fairness.

I was gone from bloggydom all winter cause my mom worked in the mountains and only saw me on weekends. I stayed in Denver. My bearded owner felt sorry for me and Arrow eating our dry food. He started mixing stuff in. Stuff he likes. Like pieces of ham or hot dogs. (Not made from doggies.)

But mostly hamburger! He cooks it and keeps it in the magic box. For me! This is how it starts. (Notice that Arrow always gets more.)

The he breaks it up into little pieces. (Still looks like Arrow has more)

And mixes it with kibble.

It's not McDonald's. It's not a cheeseyburger. But it's a yummy breakfast.

Even if he does get more.