Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stealing Stuff and Presents!

I stole this award from Deefor. Thought the world would like to know more about me.

Five things that I like to do (not in any special order)
1. Chew tissues
2. Run around in the doggy park
3. Pee on stuff
4. Take whatever toy or bone Deefor's chewing
5. Check out the table

Yesterday my mom was eating some chicken for lunch. I peed on the rug right in front of her. She jumped up from the table and started cleaning it. (And said lots of mean stuff to me) She ran upstairs for some cleaner and-- FORGOT ABOUT HER CHICKEN!!!

My mom was very upset. She has this thing about me not eating yummy lemon pepper rotisserie chicken with the skin and bones on the table. And she doesn't like pee on the rug. Deefor was mad at me too. Mom took so much time being mad that our walkie was real short. And he didn't get any chicken. He slept through the whole chicken stealing part.

This was not a plan. I just looked at the big leather thing and decided to pee on it. I'm kinda short so it only went on the rug. But I seized the opportunity. It could be a plan. . . . next time.

We got this beautiful present from LeLe and Trish-- the Airechicks! Nice doggy box.

A book by a doggy named Max and lots of other nice stuff and yellow papers to chew up.

And this neckerchief. How did they know? Red is my color!

Me and The Deef want to wish all our blogging buddies a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Wonderful Holiday, and Happy New Year. And hope Chanukah was great too! I hope you all get lots of yummy treats from the table and lots of belly rubs.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi From Denver

Here's Arrow chewing a chew chew and a tissue at the same time! Very talented.

I got an award from Chewy!

Here are the terms of this award:
1. Publish a post on your blog referring to who awarded you
2. Share 5 things you like to do.
3. Share or pass this award to 10 friends

Five Things I like to do
1. Sleep under the bed.
2. Growl at Arrow
3. Eat Zukes treats
4. Growl at Arrow-- oops said that already-- Wrestle with Arrow
5. Lick my bearded owner

Please help yourself to this award.

It's been cold and snowy in Denver so me and Arrow wore our coats.

Me in my hoodie.

Arrow in his fleece coat.