Monday, July 9, 2007

Life is Grrreat

The grass was freshly cut in the park this weekend. I spent a lot of time rolling in it. Then at home, the magic box was filled with goodies. My bearded owner gave me a real food treat almost every time he opened it. Cheese. Ham. And some crispy chip things that fell on the floor. Truly a glorious weekend. And on Monday morning the park was filled with leftovers. Someone even set out a paper plate with potato salad and some leftover hot dog on it!

Avalanche is coming to visit again and we can run around growling together. She is very good at chasing squirrels. Almost caught one last time she visited, but it was across the road. She never got off the leash again after that. Except in the dog park where she is the Alpha Female. She runs in and out of the water and everyone follows—unless she growls at them.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
Glad you had a grrrreat weekend. I'd love to roll on grass but I don't have a yard in my house and there are no parks near my house!
I love weekends too because my mom is at home and I get more treats and food than normal!
Have a nice day

Deefor said...

We have no yard. Only a tiny balcony. With dogs next door. But there is a big park full of dogs close to our house. We take the shortcut through the ally full of dumpsters and trash and sqirrels! How cool is that.