Friday, February 13, 2009

Keeping Busy

My mom felt bad that my life was so boring. Now my humans are taking me with them more. And letting me run around free sometimes.

I can run down the scary stairs now.

On weekends the humans are using this big pot to make the house smell yummy. It has stuff for me in it!

Bones make my eyes light up.

Arrow came to the mountains with us this weekend and my mom gave him some of this. (You notice there's a picture of a terriorist on it-- no offense to all my sane terrier friends. )

I think it’s working. He is so calm, he disappeared into the couch. Like a throw pillow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Deefor's Depressed

Chewie gave me a very nice award. Thanks Chewie. I love the lady bugs. They remind me of Arrow at the doggie park! (Maybe I love him-- but not THAT way)

I have had a very boring time. My mom is very bad. She took Arrow to the doggie park and left me home!!

He came back tired and smelling like lots of doggie friends. Very unfair.

Me? I sleep a lot. I watch my fur grow back. I chew on old bones.

Sometimes I watch people fishing while my humans run around in the snow!

I put away groceries. But do you think my humans appreciate my help? HA! I need to put some excitement in my life. Any suggestions?