Friday, December 26, 2008

Hi From Arrow

I’ve been spending less time with my bossy brother Deefor.

He’s gone snowboarding while I chill in Denver with Justin. Very peaceful. I have ALL the toys and chews. Anywhere in the house.

I went to the doggie park without Deefor yesterday. He tried to bite (he likes to say “nip”) a few people and he’s banned till they can put a muzzle on him! I love wrestling and playing bitey face with the Deef.
But when I’m alone I make new friends.

I met some great doggies. I know these guys.

And I met them before too. Deefor growls at one of them but I’m Mr. Congeniality.

Tried to impress some of the ladies.

Then a little green car started racing all over the park and we all chased it.

I almost caught it. The man who owned it wouldn’t let us have it. See me trying to get it.

After about 20 minutes of that my mom and Justin rounded me up. I was pretty pooped.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Wishes

It’s Christmas Eve here in Colorado. I want to share some good things for Christmas. I’m not a religious doggie. But I can be nice for Christmas or whatever holidays you are celebrating. (Or not celebrating.)

Good news about Micheal Vick’s doggies. Thanks to Dogtown and lots of other people folks are learning that doggies are nice if they are treated nice. (I’m not always nice. And I’m treated pretty nice. Except when it comes to grooming.)

For Christmas my humans ordered this calendar for me from the Sula Foundation. I can look at doggies when I want to know what day it is. (Who cares really?) But I like the pictures. What a smile! And my humans get to help some doggies who need help. A woof woof situation if you ask me.

My cards are the best gift. I can look at my doggie friends all year! And make some new friends. Doggies all over the world. Pawsome. Even Arrow knows they are great. He doesn’t even chew them! I will put them up here soon if my mom cooperates.

My mom hasn’t done a lot of visiting bloggies lately. Now most of the Christmas stuff is done. If I don’t visit you before Christmas—specially if you’re in another time zone and a day or two ahead—Fleas Navidad, Furry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and hope you all get some treats and food from the table!

And from me too. Arrow

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I didn’t let my mom use the computer till ALL the cards were mailed.

She tried to get us to help lick them. I was too sleepy.

Then she got busy. We had bunches of snow here and in the mountains.

It’s hard to find a good place to pee in snow.

My mom tried to take pictures of us for cards.

Finally she gave up and used an old picture.

We’re not good models. (Especially Arrow. He looks cute but he's a wild man.)

I’ve been getting lots of cards every day! I want to visit everyone soon. All the love from doggies (and kitties) around the world.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grrrrr Humbug

At times I know I bite the hand that feeds me. But only when there’s a wire brush in it. Or it’s in my mouth pulling out a chicken bone.

Most of the time I am very patient and easy to get along with. Most of the time. I’m not a critical doggie—only when it comes to really bad food. Most of the time I take things as they come.

But doggie cards are very important. My mom has bad habits. Get everything done. Or nothing. Very last minute.

I am getting cards in the mail now. (Thanks so much) And in my email. (That’s fine even though it says no e-cards on the list. SHE must have made a mistake putting my name in!) Thanks Charlie for your fabulous multi-media card!

But do WE have cards to send? No! Finally my mom ordered some. Late! They’re not here yet!!!! Today she made some for our doggie friends in other countries so you won’t get them in April!! And she made an e-card for doggies who prefer that.

This is for all the doggies who may never get a card from me!