Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorting Socks

My humans are too busy to blog lately. Hmph. Not too busy to snowboard! Or go to work all day! Or watch stupid stuff on TV! Here I help them with that. Change the channel. I don't like Leno. I wanna watch Dogtown.

Me and Arrow have been real busy too. They leave us home and go shredding and we sort the socks.

It's really MY job and I am in charge of it.

Try to tell that to Arrow.

But he is really good at finding the socks with really big holes. I wonder how he does it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crochet String Bag (and stuff)

Our snowy park....

We have been very lazy about blogging. My mom says now that the holidays are over, she will help me do a better job. (sigh)

She went to visit our human sister and nephew who is very cute. And she was busy with work and snowboarding. And our walkies and stuff.

My mom has a new camera. It can't take pictures of me! Here's half of me. (And all of you-know-who)

Arrow has been busy. My mom was fooling around with some yarn when she saw this on the floor. Arrow likes to pre-chew the napkins before they get washed. Tasty.

Arrow tried to look innocent. Who me? I'm just staring out the window.

Now my mom is going to invade my blog and post a crochet pattern for a grocery bag. So all of you crocheting doggies can have something to do. (Hope you have really good eyes or can bigify it)