Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pee Mail

As far as peeing goes, I have my favorite spots. Certain trees and poles are irresistible. A good spot has to have a special smell, a special feel. I’m not like my girl dog friends who just get it over with all at once. I have to let the other dogs know Deefor was here.

Then there are people. I usually don’t pee on people. Not in the house or at parties. But when they are sitting around in the park with their dogs, I can’t resist. Just a friendly way of leaving a message for their pooches.

Sometimes my owners start screaming Nooo, but I am fast. Mostly, only the dogs see me. My owners were admiring this tiny Chihuahua puppy. When they took its picture, there I was in the background. At the time no one noticed but the little pup. Nice shirt.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor.
This time you have made my mom and me laugh a lot! How you can do that?? I hope you don't get in trouble some day!
Have a good night

Dobby said...

Peeing on People?!?!? THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!!! Thanks!