Monday, July 30, 2007


I must control my temper. I must control my temper. I am not a good a big brother to Arrow. I attack him if he comes near some good food on the street. Yesterday I attacked him when we were both sitting together under my owner mom’s chair because he was a little too close. I was so wound up that later I growled at a perfectly nice big black poodle with a pink collar. She didn’t put up with it and attacked me!

Arrow scooted out the door yesterday, running all the way to the park. He ran across the street. We ran out to find him. At first it was a great game racing around without leashes. Then it was scary.

Fortunately, Arrow was very friendly, even on the run, and stopped to greet everyone he passed. One lady pointed out which way he headed. Then a man on a bench told us where he turned. A little farther, Arrow was standing with a dog and some people. A man had gotten him a bowl of water. One lady said she was thinking of bringing him home to her kids. Another was going to take him to the animal shelter.

He was so tired, he only wanted to sit in the shade. My bearded owner carried Arrow most of the way home. I think he ran away because I was mean. I must control my temper.

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor.
I think is a matter of time that you two get along better. You need to remember that Arrow is a little boy and need your good example!
Reading your post I think you and your family were more scaried than him!
I tagged you to share the Things you like to do!
Come to my blog to check it!
Have a good night