Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers-- And pee on them!

Some places we hike have lots of smelly wild flowers this time of year. And we water them.

They keep us on the leashes like slaves. It's cause of Arrow. Only the more normal doggies walk free and don't go crazy. (I hate you labs and goldens and especially the really sane border collies-- not always, just hiking.)

Arrow would run off if he could. And I'd follow him. He wants to run to the lake. NOW!

This is a special path that's good for doggies with no bikes and lots of flowers.

A picture for all of the sweating doggies in the dogosphere. Sometimes we still find snow but it's melting fast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Days

We've been hiking. And swimming.

The humans decided to take us with them. They thought we were too little to hike. But we're tough. We hiked up Loveland Pass where we rolled in snow.

We hiked to a lake with lizards in it.

We saw July 4th skiers and riders at A Basin. If you bigify the picture you can see them too. (They kinda look like ants but they're really humans)