Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pirates of Penver

Toffee started blog like a pirate weekend. He's got some grrreat pirate jokes too.

Ahoy Pals! Me and me mate Arrow will show you how to sleep like a pirate.

I think we're a little too clean to be pirates and need a good roll in the horsey poop. Arrrr! Or Yuk as me pirate mom would say.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I haven’t been visiting doggie (and hammie) bloggies for a while! No computer time. I miss all my friends and I will visit everyone. I bet you guys were doing lots of stuff.
My mom works a lot and wastes time reading about politics and other boring stuff.

Arrow's giant ears got infected. Yuk. He was scratching a lot. The vet gave him lots of medicine. Pills he had to take with giant pieces of hot dog and stuff to put in his ears. Now he has to dry them with a giant towel when he goes swimming.

My bearded owner took me to the doggie park 2 times. The fenced one. Usually only Arrow goes cause sometimes, on rare occasions, I growl at giant scary doggies there. And once I tasted a human’s sweat pants, accidentally biting her leg.

My humans don’t trust me. Very unfair. That’s what doggies do sometimes. Growl. And bite things. I’m really very friendly. I’m trying to control myself. I was the good one today.

These are some corgis who said hello when we took a walk.

Friday, September 12, 2008


A late thanks to Chef for the really nice award. Just to the left there. I love it and I will pass it on. I missed my regular groomer time so my mom used the do-it-yourself tubs. I had to be good cause I was tied up.

Hate the vacuum snake drier. Can live without the brushing too.

Arrow is crazy but smart. Alway scheming. Can't be trusted.

Last Sunday my mom forgot about Arrow and stood with the door opened for a few seconds. Out he ran. To the park. The humans went after him. He always goes to the park. He runs up the ally. Across the street. Then he runs around in the park. Which has a road with cars through it. It is very scary.

The bearded one said we should give him away cause he could get killed living here. Maybe Arrow needs a house with a fenced yard. Or a balcony without stairs. Or a house with a hallway.

My bearded owner decided to build a jail so Arrow can’t run out. It’s around our little balcony which has stairs to the street. The jail has a gate. I hope the humans remember to close it.

We tried just a gate before. He ran behind the grill and down our neighbor's stairs. I told you Arrow is smart.

Here he is checking out the cartoons in the New Yorker.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pit Bull Politics as Usual

DefoorDisclaimer: The opinions expressed here are not meant to upset any doggies. Or humans.

A few days ago I wrote about a Denver law that doesn't allow doggies who look like pit bulls to live in Denver. Very unfair cause those doggies can be very nice. Probably nicer than me.

Then the vice president for John McCain said she was like "a pit bull with lipstick"! That is a scary image.

I think she meant that she is like a mean doggie. Maybe a doggie who fights with other doggies. Very unfair to pit bulls. Saying they are mean and fight. When it's the humans who make them do it.

There is a show on National Geographic channel now about a doggie rescue called Best Friends in Utah that is helping some of Michael Vick's doggies (and many others) so they can find forever homes.

Maybe the vice president candidate is really George Bush with lipstick. Now that is really scary.

Some messages from Obama Dog:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

Labor Day. Last Monday. Went back to the Witness Protection doggie park! Me and Arrow haven't been to doggie parks on weekends in a long time. Because sometimes we're bad and there's more doggies.

But we were very good. I only attacked one giant doggie. Only a little. And I stopped.

Arrow met a pal and they swam together.

His humans had his DNA checked and he has lots of different kinds of doggies in his family.

Here we are playing bitey face.

After our morning walk we like to play and run around the house.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricanes and BS (Breed Specific) Bans

My mom likes to read books about doggies. One favorite doggie author is Ken Foster. He wrote The Dogs Who Found Me and Dogs I Have Met.

He helps lots of homeless doggies especially pit bulls.

Arrow didn’t think the book tasted too good.

Poor Ken. He lived in New York City during 911. And in New Orleans when Katrina hit. He lives in New Orleans now. Arrow and me and my mom are hoping he and his doggies are all safe. You can read his blog here and find out how he is doing. And maybe say hello.

Mostly I learned about doggies that are called pit bulls from Ken. Here in Denver humans love doggies. All except pit bulls. They don’t let pit bulls live here. They are not sure what pit bulls are, so they have to look at the doggie and decide if he’s a pit bull. I’m sure glad I don’t look like a pit bull.


Recently a very nice doggie named Forrest got out of his yard. (He says his brother dug a hole under the fence.) He came to Denver for the second time and the doggie police were going to kill him!! Just for looking like a doggie they don’t like. People who love doggies got very upset.

Finally the doggie police sent Forrest to a shelter in another state. Utah! They didn’t kill him but they didn’t let him go home. Here he is, saying goodbye.

They should punish the people who hurt doggies. Not the doggies and the people who love them.