Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arrow Tuesday

Some Colorado pools invite doggies for a special pool party when they close. And Colorado doggies really know how to party!

I met Fergie, the famous pawlympic swimmer and Colorado blogger! Go visit her. (She even has pictures of me!)

Fergie was there with her own special swim coach.

I was so jealous!

My bearded owner felt bad so he took the cigarettes out of his pocket and went in with me. That’s love.

This talented little dog was catching splashes.

I checked out everything.

Made lots of new friends. (I got under the fence once but I ran back under-- why leave the pool party for the parking lot?)

Let's do this every Sunday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Working Hard to be Green

I think we could save a lot of energy if we didn’t use our dishwasher. Me and Arrow could take care of all the dishes. Cups and glasses too. Even forks and stuff like those yummy spatulas from the grill.

We work hard. We don’t take breaks.

We do a very thorough job.

Here’s the proof. Can you tell which plate we cleaned and which one was in the dishwasher? Thought so.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Free Lunch by Arrow The People Whisperer

Taken from "Arrow's Illustrated Guide to Training Your Humans to Always Carry Treats and Give Them to You Constantly". (Not available from Amazon.)

If you want to train your humans properly NEVER do anything without a treat.
If they call you over just stare.
If they try to tell you what to do—SIT, STAY, ETC.
Wait for the treat.

Even in the house I almost NEVER come when called unless I smell something yummy.

My mom says, “Arrow Come.” "Arrow sit."
I check for the treat. No treat. I just ignore her. Arrow? Arrow who? I don’t know any Arrow.

When the treat is in her hand, I’m such a good doggy.

Some dogs (like the lick-ass I live with) will do ANYTHING for nothing. He rarely gets treats. Why bother. Before I moved in and trained them, the humans didn't even buy a lot of treats.

Deefor would walk around in a sit if he could figure out how to do it without wearing out his bum.

Follow my advice and wait for the treat. Your humans will become Happy Treat Feeding Machines. They will think THEY are training YOU. That’s the best part. They’re happy. You’re happy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dogapoolooza by Arrow

The best day of my life and my humans forgot the camera!!! This is a picture from that day but I can't find myself in it!

Today two Denver city pools were open for doggies. I was at Cook's Pool at 9:00 am. They let in 100 dogs at a time!! My mom went online and found some pictures. They really don’t show how many dogs were there today. (And they don't show moi)

We waited on line and then they opened the gate! I ran around. I was the first one in the little pool. I went in the big pool too! I met tons of dogs. We all ran around in and out of the pool.

I confess. I ran out the gate when this coon hound was coming in. The gate was almost closed but I’m fast. Then I let myself be caught by a belly-rubbing stranger. Brother Deefy was waiting in a nearby (fenced) dog park. (He doesn't swim and he's not always good with mobs of wet dogs.)

He was lonely and I was hyper. We ran around like crazy dogs. A border collie thought I was a little lamb. She tried to follow me out the gate but my humans weren't having it.

It was me and all the labs and doodles. Kenny Be says it best in Westword:

Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: DogaPOOLooza 50-meter freestyle dog racing

Most Denver dog owners fear that DogaPOOLooza, the annual public-pool dog swim, is a ploy by the city of Denver to get all dogs off their leashes so animal control staff can issue numerous off-leash tickets. Hopefully, the puppy pool party will be so much more....

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Walk On The Wild Side

We went for a walk in the park by our house.

It was so hot that all the other doggies were napping.

Even the flowers looked tired and hot.

Other animals were using the park.

This strange thing was getting some sun.

This is the rock everyone pees on so we like to check our pee mail. My friend Pica was here!

A tiger was playing with his ball.

I always try to get my nose leash off. I pretend I’m just roaching and work on the nose.

More animals but no doggies!

Arrow got so tired he refused to move. But my mom dragged him home. (Looks like he's turning into a rabbit)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was reading about Charlie's animal song lyric contest and I wanted to post a song I wrote a few years ago. To the tune of The Big Rock Candy Mountain .

I was dreaming of the perfect dog park. A place with nice mud to roll in. Lots of dogs everywhere. No horses. No cars. Shady grass to rest in. Lots of water. Shallow places to sit around in and splash through, deeper spots for swimming. Then a big field to play chase and ball in. Lots of water and treats. Reminds me of a song I’ve heard.

In the big Dog Candy Mountain they never clip your nails

And yummy treats and water are set out in big pails

You never have to “sit” or “stay” or do anything at all

You can growl and run and have lots of fun

Where the dogs are free to chew and pee

In the big Dog Candy Mountain

In the big Dog Candy Mountain the rocks are made of bones

The trees are made of rawhide and the bushes are ice cream cones

The humans don’t have leashes and they love to play all day

There are shady trees and a nice cool breeze

You can come and go and you never hear “NO!”

In the big Dog Candy Mountain.

What's your dream dog park?

Friday, August 7, 2009


The humans gave us some birthday treats. They don't know when we were born cause we're adopted. And they don't remember exactly when they adopted me or Arrow. So they decided to celebrate our birthdays around the beginning of August. Those are the pictures of me and Arrow online that my mom saw. I was very tangled. I think I look like an old man.

Now I am 4 and Arrow is 3 officially. They got us a giant water dish. We like the little one better but it's the thought that counts.

We got treats. Arrow loves toys with food in them. This green ball is his favorite. He rolls it and throws it down the stairs and the treats fall out.

We got some new balls and they stuffed jerky treats in them. (They will never come out of the ball with all the colors unless we can get a big dog to rip it open-- can anyone help us?)

How to drive a crazy dog crazy. Arrow rolled this around for hours wondering why the treat didn't fall out. Finally he figured out that he had to chew it.

We had a fun day with new stuff that's still rolling around under the couch.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Social Butterfly Doggies

Finally my mom took some pictures of us at the doggie parks. We go to the desert dog park almost every morning!!!

Some humans think it's too dirty. But all that sand smells like doggie stuff and we love it. And when it rains there are mud puddles! Here we are saying hi to some poodle-ish doggies.

Arrow figured out that if he goes up to humans and turns over they think he's cute and give him a belly rub!! He made this doggie jealous cause his mom was scratching Arrow so much. (He's up on the seat with her.)

This is Cherry Creek State Doggie Park. Now Arrow stays with us! (most of the time)

He told me about all the good spots for finding smelly things.

I am the lifeguard when Arrow is swimming.

Sometimes there are frogs and snakes. Arrow found something there and ran in the bushes to eat it. Or maybe he ran into the bushes to eat grass. I'm not always sure what he's doing.