Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dog Show

It's been a busy weekend. Avalanche visited which is always fun. Yesterday we were running around growling when some dogs misunderstood. I think they were just too sensitive and overprotective. I don't know what happened first but, all of a sudden, Avalanche and a few other dogs were fighting. When that was over, we didn't get to play any more, and all the humans were very serious. Especially my bearded one who is more sensitive and overprotective than the dogs.

That's why Avalanche didn't get to go to the Dog Show in the park. Very unfair if you ask me. This was a special dog show by Tuffy's parents for dogs in our park. Invitations by woof of mouth only. The marble was very cool and good to pee on. I saw a lot of friends there and Pica even won a chew bone.

Then we all (all including Avalanche) went to the dog park and got wonderfully dirty. Avie and I were growling at all the dogs and I got the feeling my bearded one was very unhappy. Again, humans, why take us off the leash and let us run around in a park if you want us to behave? Now my owners are talking about military school for me. That conversation started about Agility Training which Pica said was fun, and now is more about Come When Called (a depressing thought).

Pictures: Avalanche on top. A good picture of my tail at the show. Hopefully a link below to more pictures. (Blogging isn't always easy for a dog.)

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