Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Something strange happened. I went on a long, long drive the other day. The place was a little familiar. No fences. Just a lot of grass and stuff in front of the house. And horses in back. While I was sniffing and peeing, out came another doggie. He was a little hyper, running around sniffing and peeing. Nice visit, I thought, but a kind of hot out here. About a million degrees with no shade. I was ready to get back in the air conditioned car.

Surprise. We got back in the car WITH the little guy. I didn’t pay much attention to him, except when he tried to eat some crumbs of zucchini bread on the front seat. It is my car. A visit? No, he’s still here!!!

I am not sure I like this. He looks like he can be fun. Kind of fast and frisky. Now he gets the C word at the park— “Isn’t he cute,” in the baby voice that is usually for me. Being cute to humans gets me belly rubs and treats. I am the king of cute.

He’s not bad. Might be fun. I’m just not sure I want him living here. I’m not always good at sharing.


Ricky Pepper said...

awww buddy, I think you'll grow to like this new character. My sisters first felt that way about me when I came, but they now think I am swell. My sister Lucy was so mad she wouldn't sleep next to mommy for a few weeks, and my sister Chloe got up in my parent's bed and peed in it! Right in the spot where I was sleeping the night before. All a part of my plan, though because now Chloe is not allowed in the bed anymore! (She also did this when mom adopted my sister Lucy). Now Lucy sleeps right next to mom again and I sleep right next to Lucy, and she doesn't mind - usually :)

Have fun!

Deefor said...

I don't know Ricky. Arrow is a bad influence. He just got a bath and seemed to like it! I'm staying under the bed. Now if I could get Arrow to pee on the bed....


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
Are you saying that you have a new brother?? Wow! That is great! I am sure you will be getting along well. Give him a chance!
Have a good night