Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers-- And pee on them!

Some places we hike have lots of smelly wild flowers this time of year. And we water them.

They keep us on the leashes like slaves. It's cause of Arrow. Only the more normal doggies walk free and don't go crazy. (I hate you labs and goldens and especially the really sane border collies-- not always, just hiking.)

Arrow would run off if he could. And I'd follow him. He wants to run to the lake. NOW!

This is a special path that's good for doggies with no bikes and lots of flowers.

A picture for all of the sweating doggies in the dogosphere. Sometimes we still find snow but it's melting fast.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Days

We've been hiking. And swimming.

The humans decided to take us with them. They thought we were too little to hike. But we're tough. We hiked up Loveland Pass where we rolled in snow.

We hiked to a lake with lizards in it.

We saw July 4th skiers and riders at A Basin. If you bigify the picture you can see them too. (They kinda look like ants but they're really humans)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kibble Helper

It's time to eat. We're ready. I think my breakfast is more important than your chai tea.

It's with a tear and a smile that I remember Joe Stains and celebrate his amazing life with hamburger. Sorry Joe, Arrow can't have cheese (guess why-- it has to do with poop) and my humans have this sick idea of fairness.

I was gone from bloggydom all winter cause my mom worked in the mountains and only saw me on weekends. I stayed in Denver. My bearded owner felt sorry for me and Arrow eating our dry food. He started mixing stuff in. Stuff he likes. Like pieces of ham or hot dogs. (Not made from doggies.)

But mostly hamburger! He cooks it and keeps it in the magic box. For me! This is how it starts. (Notice that Arrow always gets more.)

The he breaks it up into little pieces. (Still looks like Arrow has more)

And mixes it with kibble.

It's not McDonald's. It's not a cheeseyburger. But it's a yummy breakfast.

Even if he does get more.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doggy Day Afternoon

We go to the desert dog park a lot. Mostly early. But sometimes it's still cool in the afternoon. It's my rehab-- group therapy.

I am very nice most of the time. Arrow's the problem.

Arrow has such bad manners. Some of the doggies signed a petition to bar Arrow but then one peed on it.

Our photographer Justin! I'm in his shadow.

Here's the gate. Time to get a treat.

P.S. I saw this and I thought Deefor had been cloned!!! Three Deefors!! But they smelled better.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chasing Arrow (alias Houdini)

On my morning walkie today, Arrow escaped! No pictures of his adventure cause my mom was busy going crazy trying to get him-- holding out mega treats and calling him a Good Boy in baby talk! It started with a cat. We both barked a lot and suddenly my mom was just holding his leash. His harness was open and he was gone!!!

Who me?

He squeezed under a fence and had the cat cornered in a cellar window! The cat sprang up and ran, but Arrow was after it. Back under the fence, across the street and up on someone's porch.

Then a man with a little doggie was walking down the street. My mom asked him to grab Arrow when he came over to his doggie and it worked. Arrow can't resist smelling a new tail. Back on his leash.

Arrow's harness looks OK but he opened it when he saw the cat. He won't tell me how he did it. Wish he could teach me how to open the nose leash.