Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New Me

WARNING: Gross graphic descriptions of doggie stuff

We were all sick. First my bearded owner got a bad cold. Then I started pooping a lot. The squirts. And throwing up. Then my mom got the cold. Next Arrow started throwing up.

The vet gave me three shots and lots of pills. Now I feel better. Arrow had some Pepto-Bismol in his food! I don’t think he liked it. Poor Arrow. I have a pill mashed up in my food. I can taste it a little.

We haven’t had a lot of treats either. The vet said it could be something I ate. (Tasty dried up poop jerky in the mountains? I doubt it.) She said I had a fever too. Maybe I gave it to Arrow. Poor guy. (I don’t like to give him anything. Especially bones and chews.) Now we're all doing better.

I was taking a nap when my mom brought me to a new groomer. My old one was too busy and I was full of big knots.

The new groomer wasn't bad. This is the new me. I think I like it. I wasn't sure at first. No brushing for a while.

Here I am waiting patiently as my bearded owner mixes sausage into my doggie food. My friend Alexander barked at me yesterday. He didn’t recognize me.

Shows off my figure. I look like a lion now. I hope that doesn't scare the humans in Denver.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Secret Life of Arrow

I asked Justin to spy on Arrow so I could see what he does when I’m not around. Arrow stays in Denver when I go to the mountains. Some of the shots are blurry because Arrow is fast and Justin had to be sneaky to get these candid shots.

Arrow helps with the laundry when he’s alone.

He sorts the underwear and he has a thing for socks.

Arrow takes stuff out and arrange it on the rug. He’s very artistic.

He reads! And he made this pretty paper thing—a bandarita I think. Maybe Lorenza knows. Then he ate some of it.

My mom came home and put his cage by the door. He knew something was up.

She brought him up to the mountains! An experiment cause the landlord lives in the same house and thinks we only have one quiet doggie—ME! The pack is reunited.

Here he is waiting for me to come in from my walkie and checking out the traffic on Route 70. That was my New Year Surprise! And Arrow's too! (Maybe the landlord's too!)