Friday, August 10, 2007

Six Wags

Wet and Cool
Just before I took my illegal morning run on the lush grass of Cheesman Park, Alexander’s mom warned us. We were surrounded! There were dog police on bikes sneaking up on our friends and busting them. Pricey tickets for owners who are not on leashes. It’s not easy getting exercise in this neighborhood. I think there are worse crimes in the park. Why don’t they bust all those people who throw their delicious leftovers in the trash cans instead of letting me and my pals recycle them? I thought Denver was supposed to be Green!

So we went to the dog park. Arrow, the intruder, has a problem. I haven’t mentioned it before because I hoped it would go away. He gets carsick. Now our car has never been a work of art—but it’s getting really disgusting. First my owner mom tried towels in the back seat. No good. Arrow barfed in the front seat. Next she put a sheet in the back. No good. He manages to miss it. Today she put stuff on the front seat, but sneaky little Arrow managed to puke on the shifter. Three times!

Later she changed all the talking and news on the radio to music, and Arrow was fine all the way home. He likes music. All that shouting and bad news just makes him sick.

Arrow Impersonating a Rabbit

We had lots of fun at the doggie park. It was a million degrees in the sun so we stayed wet. Swimming. Running. Playing with frogs and dogs. Arrow likes to disappear sometimes (hunting snakes?). My owner mom brought treats to bribe us. I stayed close to her pocket, but Arrow just took the treat and ran away. He’s still a wild thing.



Joe Stains said...

grosss, I can't believe he pukes in the car, that is horrible! even the doofus doesnt do THAT.

Deefor said...

That's why I growl at him when he tries to get in the back seat. That dry food is gross enough the first time.

Dobby said...

yuck. barfing in the car is nasty. good call growling at him if he tries to come near you. Get him a bucket to wear around his neck.

Lorenza said...

Don't be mean with Arrow. Now you know what he needs when he goes there... music!
Leaving aside this espisode sure you had fun running and playing there in the park! And with treats! I need a park like yours!
Have a good night