Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystery Mix

I’m one of those mutts that could be anything. Walking around Denver, humans accuse me of being part Lhasa Apso, part Poodle, part whatever. Everyone projects their own stereotypes on me. They think my nose is like a Cocker Spaniel or my fur is like a Silky. Why do they have to put a label on me?

One a man insisted I must be Havanese like his doggie at home. My humans read all about them. Yes, I do like to walk around on my hind legs (when I smell food on the table), I am cute and friendly (of course). They decided that I must have run away from the circus, where a lot of Havanese dogs work. These folks really have an over-active imagination.

Part terrier because I like to jump straight up in the air and chase squirrels? Part cat because I like to pounce on my friends? Part rabbit because I sometimes sit with my back legs all the way forward? Part elephant because I like peanuts?

I’m just me. Even if I was one of those special kinds of dogs, would that make me just like every other Westies or Doxies? I don’t think so. I am what I am. We dogs are all individuals. Just because you once met a Lab who gave you a hard time, you shouldn't hate them ALL. If one Shih-Tzu gets in trouble with the law, does that make them ALL criminals?

You can’t judge a dog by its cover. . . except for those giant furry dogs who really have it in for me. They act sweet, growl under their breath, and then when I growl back, they just prance away innocently. Don’t ever trust them. Think about it. Would you want your sister to mate with one?


Pacco de Mongrel said...

mixed breed dogs like us a extraordinary....there's no any other who look exactly like us...

this is wat called 'unique'

Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor.
I agree with Pacco. You are unique. Forget about others opinions. I love you just like you are!
Have a good night

Chris V. said...

A cute dog! But gee, not a Doxie?

Well, the breed doesn't matter though I'm kind of partial at the moment to Dachshunds; the cover explains why!

Chris Verstraete
Searching For A Starry Night, featuring a mischievious Dachshund....