Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Old Doggie New Tricks

There is a trick I can do with my head. My head looks very big and smart but it's all hair. Just enough room for my floppy ears and a few brain cells. I can point my nose up and slip out of my collar and leash any time. I save this trick for special occasions. Like when a good smelling dog is walking by or some yummy thing is on the sidewalk.

At first my owner mom kept making the collar tighter and tighter. Very pinchy, but my neck is still bigger than my head! Tonight I slipped out to sneak up on Arrow and bite his butt. Surprise attack. He has giant rabbit ears so his collar will never come off.

Doggie school is getting harder, but more delicious. Lots of new words to learn. I forgot them all. And now I don’t get food unless I sit still! My owners tell me to SIT and then a dish of food comes down toward my nose and I can’t go eat it. They pick it up if I move!! Why are they treating me like a criminal for wanting my own breakfast?

They had a new treat at school. A stick dipped in peanut butter. All I had to do was walk next to it and I got to lick it. I hope they bring it on all my walkies. My bearded owner says I am the best in the class.


Poppy said...

Doggy school is great for scamming your parents into giving you treats, isn't it? You should get a puppia.
They are good for little headed dogs like you.


Poppy said...

You've been tagged! If you want to play, come read my blog to see how!


Lorenza said...

My neck is bigger than my head too! But I can't take off my collar. My legs are not long enough to do the trick!!
The more you do a good job with your training the more treats you will get!!!
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

thank dog we have giant block heads, if we got out of our collars we would never stop running!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh! That's a brilliant trick Deefor! I used to do that once when I was young & I ran all the way back home. Mommy chased after me coz I was still a puppy & I ran across the road towards my home. Heeheehee! It was sooo FUN! Then after that incident, I had to wear a choke chain.

That's good to hear that you're doing well in your OB class & that you're the BEST!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pacco de Mongrel said...

r u enjoying urself in d class?? hope u do....humans juz love 2 offer treats....but is conditional