Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Arrow reminds me of some of the things I have eaten around the house. I love chewing on wooden clogs. Something about the mix of splinters and black dye makes them irresistible. The base of the table wasn’t bad till they put some yucky tasting stuff on it. Their bedroom stuff is mostly fake wood. I got my teeth into an open drawer once and it looks a lot better than it tastes. Another good chew was the plastic ear thing on a pair of glasses. Chewed all the plastic off. My owner mom wears them with the metal end wrapped in duct tape.

Arrow ate his ball. He’s always played with it, but he must have been extra hungry. There were red things all over the rug. I thought he just chewed it. Then I found it half gone. I don’t like the taste of red.

He also enjoys the upper back corners of library books. Very embarrassing to return. My mom uses the book drop, hoping the library will think a rat got in there.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh! I looove doing that to my rubber balls too. I don't eat them though like Arrow coz they taste weird but I just nip them to bits & pieces & leave them on the floor for my hoomans to pick up. I once chewed on my hooman M's rocking chair but she scolded me upside down after that & sprayed those yucky tasting stuff too...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Poppy said...

Hee hee, rat in the bookdrop! Maybe you should start making Arrow return the books himself. Then he would have to explain his behavior and admit that he has a problem. And we all know that's the first step.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
Now I understand why I don't have rubber balls. Maybe my mom is afraid I can do the same!
A rat in the bookdrop?? That is a good one!
Have a nice day

Joe said...

Tanner pulled a mostly used bar of soap out of mom's trash yesterday, it had to have tasted awful but he sure munched it!

ROSSI said...

Oh.. Denver.. arrow is strong huh..
Hercules been biting stuff too.. hmm... i think i will throw him outside the house...hehehehe.. bleh!