Friday, October 12, 2007

Power to the Pooches!

A great win for the Rockies last night!

And a big win for doggies rights here in Denver!

Denver is a nice place for a dog to live. If you want to go to a restaurant, you just sit outside where there are lots of crumbs to lick off the sidewalk. Sometimes humans even feed you stuff they don’t want. A little appetizer before kibble.

Some humans thought it was unsanitary to have dogs sitting around OUTSIDE a restaurant! We’re not the ones smoking and dropping food on the ground. We’re the sanitary ones—keeping Denver clean. They tried to make a law that dogs couldn’t sit under cafe tables on patios! Just dogs! They didn’t outlaw the messy pigeons. They didn’t pass laws against bugs flying into lattes. Even squirrels who are never on a leash were free to hang around.

But yesterday Denver made us legal! It is now up to the restaurant to decide if we can sit outside and you know which restaurants I’ll go to. Maybe I’ll pee on the others when I go by. I can be unsanitary when I choose to be.

Read all about it:

TV News 4

TV News 9


Poppy said...

Good for you! I love going to outdoor restaurants! And I only pee on the sidewalk sometimes. :)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
Congratulations! Twice! For the Rockies win and for the doggies win!
Yes, go to the good ones and pee on the others!
Have a good night

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, that is good news! Luckily here in Malaysia, there are a few of restaurants & cafes that are not run by malays that allow dogs.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joe Stains said...

ok great news on the restaurants but mom sure was bummed about her dbacks :(

Dobby said...

Oh horray! MomDad told me about this law they were trying to pass a couple months ago but I never heard until today that it didn't work. That's awesome because I love to go places where there are people and food together! Thanks for letting me know! I'll meet you at Panera in an hour! ;) j/k

Pacco de Mongrel said... definately a good news for u...

i hope they make us legal over here in malaysia too...