Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ski Season

A weekend as the only dog. Arrow went to Cody’s house. I went to the mountains. I don’t ski or ride. Just enjoy the stinky smells and good food. There are kibble mix-ins of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Lots of treats and scraps. They eat all the time up there. My bearded owner “hides” treats for me to find when they leave. (They are smelly and I’m not blind, but who's complaining?) Walks outside. Smelling pee from foxes and coyotes. I'd like to like chase deer but they don’t let me.

I tried to go along. Refused to get out of the car. Ignored my name. Didn’t work. Speaking of SNOW....

~You have just been hit with a blog snow ball!~ It's the start of..... Snow Ball Fight 2007!! & 2008!! One rule to this game.... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you! Now... go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you! I got you first! and you can't get me back!

I got this snowball from Lorenza. I'm throwing it at two Colorado dogs: Ginger and Dobby-- Hope we have lots of snow in the mountains this winter and lots of treats for me.

Back home. No Arrow. Very peaceful. Then he arrived like a terrier tornado. 'Nuff said.


Sadly this Denver dog has congratulate the Boston Red Socks and all the Boston terriers too.


ROSSI said...

wow.. how nice if here in our country got snow... i guess it will be a great fun to ski here..


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
I missed you! I was thinking where were you!!
That breakfast you had sounds delicious!
There is no way we can get snow here and I am not so sure I'd like it! I am a sunny girl!
Yes, congratulations to the Red Sox.
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

we are sorry about the rockies, even more sorry the stupid sox were the ones to beat them!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Deefor! Glad you're back...Oh man, I would love it if there was snow here in Malaysia but I'm not sure if I'd like to go skiing.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer