Saturday, September 22, 2007

Does He Bark?!

Arrow is still a work in progress. They are trying to get him not to pee on the rugs so there are doggie diapers all over the place. He actually hit one this morning. He is confused about inside and outside. After peeing 347 times outside, he comes in and finishes the job in between chewing things. Some of his favorites: shoes, a watch band (watch attached), those plastic covers on library books, nail files, knitting and yarn, and even his leash.

Yesterday Arrow made such a big mess that my owner mom took me for a ride and left him home. He chewed up plastic bags. He chewed up a plastic CD case and it felt like pieces of glass were on the rug. He found some corn husks and spread them out on the bed. The he got a part of a toilet brush and played chase with mom. She needed a time out from Arrow.

We looked at ski stuff (yawn yawn BORING). Then we went to a place I used to go. I ran around by the lake. After we met a lady and looked at an apartment.

My owner mom introduced me to the lady. “Does he bark?” “No,” my mom said. He’s very quiet.” I save my barks for important things. Besides, I can just give Arrow The Look. But you-know-who barks constantly. When he wants to play. When he wants people to look at him. When he’s in his cage. When he’s happy. When he’s sad.

He’s very quiet, my owner mom said. She never told the lady about Arrow. She even paid extra in case I pee on the floor (which I never do). In the winter, we all go away to the snowy places every Friday. Where will Arrow go? Maybe they can put him on a snowboard.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
Sure your mom and dad are having a hard time with Arrow's behavior! And maybe its worse because you are a very good boy!
I used to be very quiet and didn't bark much, but now I am starting to bark a lot. My mom is not so happy with that, specially at 3 am!
Have a good night

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh...arrow are being a notty boy...

did u help ur mum to teach him?

Poppy said...

Hi Deefor! You are lucky that you get to be a ski-dog. My parents say the snow is too cold for me. Do you think if I tried really hard I could grow hair like yours?


Joe Stains said...

your poor Mom, Arrow needs boot camp or something!