Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In the Park

Yesterday was another one of those really hot days. Great in the shade but the pavement was hard on the paws. It was a tossup between wanting to get out of here to explore or sleeping under the ceiling fan all day. But today is quite pleasant. Good sleeping weather almost anywhere.

Today Pica and I were chasing each other and wrestling in the park when we spotted a big puddle. When you’re thirsty, there’s nothing like a good, refreshing puddle. I like them big enough to cool my feet, and maybe even splash around in, while I’m having a drink. As soon as we ran over to the puddle, we got in trouble. Our owners were screaming at us but we pretended not to hear. Finally they came over and put us on our leashes because we had crossed the road. There wasn’t much traffic and we were way over on the side. I think people can really overreact about dog dangers. Always expecting the worst. If we’re out of the city, mine are always worrying about me getting eaten by a coyote or a rattle snake. It’s a little absurd, if you ask me.

Pica’s owner and my human mom are a little nervous because they got busted by the dog police together. It was months ago, right after all the snow melted. Pica and I were running around in the middle of the park when the white truck pulled right up on the grass where I didn’t think cars were allowed. Both our owners got tickets for letting us loose and it was a long time before they did it again. We had to sneak around behind the pavilion to run around. It was deliciously muddy for a while before all the flowers were planted, but now it is more like an obstacle course with squirrels. I can’t understand the harm of running around in the grass with your friends.

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