Sunday, June 17, 2007

Avalanche and Me

Why do people take dogs off the leash and then get upset when they run around and do what they want? If you don’t want your dogs chasing bicycles or rolling in horse poop don’t let them go.

Just yesterday my friend Avalanche and I were roaming illegally in a local park. It was barely dawn and no one else was there. Avalanche was thirsty and headed for a sprinkler. One thing led to another and soon she was after a squirrel and then a green bicycle on the road. She has a thing for bikes. I tried it once but I just didn’t get the point. What am I going to do with a bicycle if I do catch it? Then Avie’s owner mom was calling her and running after her and I got put back on my leash even though I was only sitting there watching the whole thing.

I felt bad for Avalanche. She was just enjoying herself and had no idea that she was doing anything wrong. She’s more of a free spirit than I am, which is why I like hanging out with her. Like at the big park, she will go anywhere and I just follow. She’s in and out of the water, running up and down the banks, and going after other dogs—in a playful way but she can look scary to some overprotective people. I get her going by giving some strange dog a little growl and maybe even a little jumping nip as we pass. It’s very fast and subtle, and surprises the other dog. When that dog reacts in the least bit, Avalanches lunges and starts growling, acting as if the other dog is after me. Then I join in and it’s the two of us sounding very mean. I can get away with more because I’m smaller. We’re a good pair.

Avalanche used to stay at my house before I lived here. She’d stay overnight when her human mom was away. She had the run of the house and was very happy and spoiled here. Then one day she comes over, and there I am. On the couch, on the bed, in all her special places. The only good thing, from her point of view, was all the chew bones that I’d hidden in the closets and she sniffed them right out. She still cases the house for hidden treats whenever she comes over. It took a few days. At first she was just a big friend. Then we both got a little confused and cranky. Whose house was this anyway? My bearded owner took Avalanche to work with him just to separate us for a day. She spent the day fighting with all the dogs at his work and now she’s banned from there. But that one day apart did us a lot of good. We had a big reunion and have been best friends ever since.

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