Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Today I noticed there are places where people live in the park. Inside the big fir trees, they leave their food right on the grass. No need to climb on tables. Sometimes people are still sleeping there when I go out in the morning. I have found some very amazing things in those trees. I really like the plastic cups and bottles. Nice to toss around and chew. Some taste better than others.

Had a fabulous evening last night. A visit to my friend Avalanche’s house with lots of time for wrestling and running around. Even a balcony where we could bark at dogs walking by on the street. We took a walk together and growled at people. I was relaxing on the couch and getting a belly rub from one of the guests when I noticed my humans were getting ready to go out the door. I jumped up to follow them and got the “stay, we’ll be back” line. Very odd.

So here I am, far from my own under-the-bed sleeping spot at home, having a pajama-less party with Avalanche. It is nice to get away for the weekend. Avie’s place is huge and we can run from one end to the other. And just enough furniture—beds, couches, but not a lot of other stuff to get in the way. I think my owners were crying when they left.

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