Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

I can’t be wordless. There is too much to say.

My owner mom broke her computer and they were fixing it for almost a week!! And she worries when I use it! Ha!

We went to a few doggie parks. One has a fence and isn’t too big. I met a havanese. He was very well groomed compared to moi. (Once a breeder said I was a havanese, but who knows.)

We went to the big doggie park with water. Arrow was good for a while. Roaching in the grass.

Getting a drink.

We played.

And ran around.

We met other dogs. One looked like Arrow but was normal. He's hiding from Arrow.

I relaxed for some pets.

Then Arrow was very bad when he saw the horses. He went under the fence and started eating horse poop. The horses didn't mind. Guess he didn't read the sign.

My mom kept calling him but he didn't even look at us. Finally someone went by with lots of dogs. Arrow had to check them out. My mom grabbed him. He gets carsick sometimes so he rides in a crate. Thank dog because that was a really yucky carsick experience.

I nominate him for Grossest Doggie of the Year.


Le Mops said...

i dunno about horse poop in either direction! GROSSEST dog sayz Chewie!
Le Mops

Sparky said...

Ha, I like how you said you met another dog like Arrow but NORMAL. Man, Arrow must be a challenge to live with, eh? But he sure is cute, you gotta admit...

I actually think the horse poop might taste good... After all, the chocolates in the cat litter box taste good, too.


Charlie Daniels said...

Hey! I tried some horse poop for the first time yesterday .. still deciding if I like it or not ...


Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

I love the dog park! It looks like you are having the best day ever! You also look like you run faster than a rabbit!

Happy National Stuffie Appreciation Day!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Deefor,
Looks like you guys were having a blast! I gotta get Mama to take me to one of those dog parks. Hell, I gotta get Mama to take me anywhere OUTTA here for a while. These girlies are driving me NUTS!
Murphy Dogg

Joe Stains said...

oh dog I thought tanner was gross eating cat poo but horse poo is HUGE! so you are cuban??? ;)

Amber-Mae said...

Horse poop? I used to like to eat my kitties poop but maybe horse poop has a stronger pungent taste, huh? Did you guys get bathed after reaching home? We would definitely will!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor!
Sure you had fun at those parks! I am not so sure if I'd like horsy poo like Arrow does but I guess we can expect everything from him!
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Well, I've never had the horse poop myself, but I hear its pretty darn good.

Your dog parks look awesome.


4xBs said...

hey Deefor, we're glad the computer is fixed now. i, Bailey ate some horse poop when we were at my grandpa's farm in idaho. it was really tasty. it didn't make me sick either, but then, i'm a bigger dog and i can eat more of stuff before i get sick. Arrow is just a little guy, so it probably doesn't take too much to upset his little tummy. poor guy. he is always getting into trouble.


Anonymous said...

How cool are you being to a doggie park and one with water in it.....
I haven't tried horse poop, i haven't tried any poop yet my owner watches me like a hawk. I thin i'll need to learn a thing or two from you guy's on dwb.

lot of licks


Anonymous said...

I hope it's ok for me to link you in my friends list.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

i love eating cat poop...never tried horse poop b4... maybe arrow can share with me how it taste like