Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blabbermouth Breeds

Humans are always wondering what kind of dog to bring home. Dogs that like to play with tennis balls or dogs that are couch potatoes. Shaggy ones. Big ones. Tiny ones. But what about blogging dogs? If you want a breed who likes to blog, read on.

I admit it. I like to write stuff on my blog. I like to bark about myself. I like to read about other doggies all over the world. And lots of doggies who are not in this post do too. Don't feel bad if I left you out. You might be blogging the way for many others.

But when I looked at the Dogs With Blogs web page, certain breeds of us really like to blog. So if your human really wants a blogging dog check them out.

Certain terriers really like to blog. There are 35 Airedales listed. Airedales all have a lot to say and have a good sense of humor and silliness.

Boston Terriers have a lot to blog about too. Some are pretty hilarious and a little bitchy—in the dog sense that is. That's Joe Stains who is seriously funny. And below is Punk Rock Dogg Murphy's floating head. Cool.

No shortage of chatty Wire Fox Terriers either. That's Asta who blogs about good stories and adventures.

Blogging Boxers abound. They seem pretty practical. Even the fancy ones.

I counted about 33 Golden Retrievers with blogs. Like the talented and beautiful Amber-Mae up there. About the same amount of pugs. And tons of Labs.

Surprising 50 or more Siberian Huskies find time to blog. I thought they were too busy pulling sleds around and stuff. That's Sitka with some toilet paper.

And Turbo, a husky doggie candidates.

Many cross breeds can’t shut up. I’m not really sure what I am so I relate to lots of categories. Some pretty darn talented. Like Pacco the great agility Mongrel.

I didn’t see many Silky Terriers—Arrow might be one of those. Their owners are too busy going crazy to find time to let them blog. Although this one, Rusty, seemed very sweet. No relation to Arrow.

I'll have to continue this. Watch for Part 2. Too many doggies, so little time.


Stanley said...

Deefor Bud,

Thanks for the run-down. I've always wondered about how many of each breed was blogging, but I'm a little lazy when it comes to numbers.

I'm going back in time on your blog to catch up with all you've been doing. I hope you're enjoying the springtime weather. Have the daily thunderstorms started yet?

Goober love,

Anonymous said...

You gooooo Deefor, let the humans know we're best at blogging.
Thanks for the run down.

check out my post on good friends there is a wee surprise for you as well as for others.
hope you like it

lots of licks


Sharon said...

Hi Deefor! Thanks for coming by!

To answer your question, I have one blog where I write, at wordpress. That one is:

Then mom has one with her blogger stuff where she just puts pictures. That one started because she was having trouble sizing pictures for wordpress. She would post a picture there then copy it and use the new size for wordpress. Then when wordpress bacame picture friendly she kept on posting pictures over on blogger.

When I comment on Blogger blogs I depend on the OpenId thing for my correct address: the wordpress one. Sometimes I forget to click on it and sometimes it isn't offered.


She is so tecnologically challenged, she couldn't figure out any other way to do it. She said it was embarresing for me to tell that to others, but there it is.

Joe Stains said...

This was very interesting, I hope you weren't referring to me as bitchy ;) haha

Poor arrow, he sure doesn't fit in anywhere!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor!
Looks like you have been doing some research! Sure is interesting to know about all of our friends!
Kisses and hugs

Ike said...

Yeah - Bostons really have a lot to talk about - being cute really makes us experts on pretty much everything.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh we have some blogging silkies in SingaPaw, there's Jay and Precious and Ume. :)
I like blogging type of doggies

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

WE'RE BACK!!! Yeap, so far no Silkies anywhere too but there are a few Yorkies. Are they considered the same?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mango said...

Very interesting statistics. I, too, have noticed an abundance of the terriers. They certainly have a lot to say and seem quite, um, full of themselves.

Only one Mango, though!

Penny & Poppy said...

That's a lot of research you've done! Yep, us Airedales have a lot to say! There seems to be even more of us lately!

Poppy & Penny

Asta said...

That was a gweat and infowmative post..I think you have me pegged fow suwe..I talk,talk, talk , heheh
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Joe Stains said...

check my blog we gave Arrow (and you) the stain award!!

Pug and Bugg said...

We saw your blog through Joe Stains' blog... congrats on the awards!

We think pugs that blog are great! Dixie here is half Pug, half Boston, and we figure that Bostons might blog more because Bostons are more energetic, and Pugs are lazy. If pugz weren't lazy they'de take over the world!

We really like your blog and will keep visiting! Come see us too okay!?!?!

Sophie and Dixie