Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dog Park Shame

Embarrassed at the doggie park. I get in a fight (sort of) and Arrow runs free as a bird.

My owner mom drags me around by the leash and he laughs. Show-off.

Arrow is the social director. He smells all the tails, big and small.

He likes everyone. I am just a more discriminating.

He has a blast while they yank me sideways as if I am a rabid pit bull (No offense intended to the pit bull reading this. Some of my best friends are pit bulls.)

But I don’t throw up in the car and do gross things on the rug.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor
What happened?? Maybe you were not in the mood today to socialize??
Looks like Arrow was happy there saying hello to everyone!
I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you!
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

I often get in moods at the dog park and don't want to hang out with the other dogs. Its ok buddy!

Ginger said...

Oooh fun at the dog park!! My mom sometimes puts me on the leash too when we're there because she says I'm not paying attention to her and running off - I have a tendency to get lost & panicky when I can't find my people. Still, it's very embarrassing! I'm at an OFF LEASH park - that means I should be OFF LEASH right?

Nubbin wags,

ROSSI said...

Hi Deefor.. hmm.. guess i am like you too.. always on the leash.. i am friendly.. but mom still put me on leash..


Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh deefor...wat happen to u....

is never fun being on leash during dog park period...

Joseph said...

What cool picture of your dogs. I think your blog has a lot of good information on it. Thank you and God bless


Amber-Mae said...

Oh sometimes I get crabby too, not to worry...You're not the only one who's not in the mood sometimes.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer