Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Don't Like it

I’m afraid to go up and down the stairs. It’s embarrassing. I have to be carried up and down. I don’t like being carried. What if they drop me? Why didn’t my humans get a normal place?

We moved to the mountains for the weekends. Closer to snow-riding. My humans obsession. That and eating.

To make up for the stairs, my humans gave me a treat. I think it's a stuffed hoof.

I hid it. Arrow stayed in Denver with Justin. I don’t think my humans mentioned they had two doggies. They’ll just sneak him in later and hope he doesn’t bark.

Lots of deer were on the lawn when we left.

Arrow ate my treat when we got home. (I didn’t really like it.) Besides, I’m full from eating a big smelly thing on my walkie.


River said...

That's a pretty place but those stairs even scare my mom. We eat smelly thing around here, too.

love & wags,

Sparky said...


What do you mean exactly by a "big smelly thing"? I'm curious to know... Or do I want to know?


Sparky said...

Oops, forgot to sign in, hee hee.


happy said...

Big smelly thing? What was that?

the 4 Bs said...

hi Deefor, we don't like the looks of those stairs either. we aren't afraid of stairs, but those are the scary kind.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Ohh.. nice place you all went.. I hope you get another treat soon

~ Girl girl

Abby said...

Hi, Deefor...

I don't think I would like those stairs either...My Mom says she would be scared, too...

I never saw a deer...They are very pretty...

What was the big smelly thing?

Abby xxxooo


Woof Deefor,

Wow, that is a really pawsome looking place. But those stairs look hard for any dog to climb so don't feel to bad. Did you chase the deer?

Desert Pups

Raising Addie said...

Deefor, you are sooo very cute!

I would have been scared of those stairs too. With all those holes, how can they even call them stairs?

Have a great day!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I like to do that with some of my treats -

I finish 'em later!

Nice lawn ornaments you had!



Hi Deefor,

What a lovely plce you have moved too. I don't think I would like them stairs either. Did that many deer really come into the yard. S=Did you get to play with them. Last time we was in the country visit Dachsies Rule I saw 1 deer.
I sure wish I could come see them deer.

Did you hear about my floweer post the Mommy is gonna do for me? I want all my friends to send me a pocture of their favorie flower so I can post it on my blog along with their pictures. Do you have a favorite flower? The Mommy is gonna do my flower post this weekend.

I'm with Sparky...what bif smelly thind did you eat?

Love ya lots...Mona

Lorenza said...

Hi, Deefor!
Those are scary stairs like the ones I have here in my house!
We all want to know about that smelly thing you ate!
Kisses and hugs

Simba said...

Dropping by all the blogs to say hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

Simba x

Niamh said...

I like stairs but have never been on curving ones like that so I can see how they would be scary to a little dog. What if you fell through the spaces between the stairs? If you don't want your stuffed hoof, I would be happy to eat it for you.

Your friend,

Mango said...

Are your humans INSANE???? No way I would go on those stairs. First you could get dizzy, plus you can see right through them and might fall through. Being carried is the way to go.


Amber-Mae said...

I hate those kind of stairs too! Hey, not to worry, it's not only you who can't stand those kind of stairs. I mean, there's holes in the middle of each steps. That makes it too scawie!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Pedro said...


That looks like a great place in the mountains! What mountain do your parents like to play in the snow on? My mom used to play alot in Vail and Beaver Creeks. She loved, loved, loved Colorado.


Murphy Dogg said...

Dude, those stairs would totally freak me out too.
Murphy Dogg

Pedro said...


My mom says she went skiing at Loveland one year on Memorial Day weekend. She said it was so much fun to ski at the end of May. She has also skied at Copper Mountain. Back before she was a mom to a human she spent one winter in Beaver Creek and worked for Vail Associates and skied all the time. Those were the days...



Those are Scarwy stairs!

Be sure to tell us what the 'big smelly thing' was!