Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today we went for a swim. I love running around in the park. It’s the Witness Protection Doggie Park. We got in trouble in some of the others, but they don’t know us here.

Arrow said hello to a nice brown doggie.

And I did too.

Arrow introduced me to a cute little shih-tzu named Max.

Arrow can be very annoying. Max was too polite to tell Arrow off.

And in the end. Failure. Growlure. Shame. Back on the leash while Arrow frolicked with the big guy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Arrow the Sun Worshipper

I decided to blog for Deefor. He just sleeps all day. That's the real reason he doesn't blog much.

I love to sit in the sun. Even inside.

We have no yard. I’ve escaped a few times so the humans fenced in the balcony. Nothing like a little chicken wire to spruce up the place.

And a baby gate blocking the stairs. I think I could get over it. If I really wanted to.

I like to relax and work on my tan out here. I listen to the birds. Sometimes I bark at stuff.

And when it gets too hot, I cool off my chin on the step.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I always wanted to be a therapy doggie. I could cheer people up by licking them. And I wouldn’t bite them unless they have wire brushes. (Arrow's smirking cause he doesn't get pulled around by the nose.)

Instead I’m in therapy. For growling and biting people with wire brushes, and other things like attacking nice big doggies and nipping at a little boy. (I’m sorry)

I have group therapy early in the morning at the dessert doggie park. It’s mostly sand and it smells delicious. We drive there almost every day. Most of the time I am charming and cordial to all the doggies I meet. A real gentledog. Some are my friends now.

Arrow comes along. I even let him sit with me—sometimes. Maybe I’m being TOO nice.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Now that my humans have (finally) put away their snowboards, maybe I can some computer time. This break wasn't my idea. I was mostly sleeping the winter away. Or wrestling with Arrow.

In spring (maybe year round) a young dog's fancy turns to thoughts of what else he can destroy.

He tried recycling and got tangled up in a bag.

He's got a new chew toy that he thinks is delicious.

And he told me wicker is very tasty. My mom got really mad about her shoe situation. Sandals are his favorite. I can't even show you what he did. She buried them in the dumpster and bought new ones. (After crying.)

Not much news. I go for walkies with a nose leash now cause I pulled my mom down on the ice. There's no more ice but the sadists I live with are addicted to pulling me around by the nose.

I'm gonna try to get back to visiting all my doggie bloggie friends. I missed you so much.